Las Hijas del Fuego

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Best Argentine film Pornfilmfestival Berlin ASA BAFICI

Groundbreaking sensual cinema: radical feminine lust from Argentina

Three women meet by chance in the very end of the world and start a life-changing polyamorous journey that takes them back to their home cities as different persons, maybe the persons they had always wanted to be.


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Die feurigen Schwestern – Las Hijas del Fuego
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duration: 115 Minutes
Language: Spanish
subtitle: german
year: 2018
book: Albertina Carri
directed: Albertina Carri
Production: Gentil

This video is only available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.



Best Argentinean Film – BAFICI 2018

A clever, visually stunning film. Three women embark on their sexual liberation journey. The film develops in a sex-positive, clever and sensual way against the backdrop of breathtaking Argentinian landscapes.
On their journey they get involved in a polyamorous transformation. They return to their roots and question old patriarchal life and love patterns.
They are looking for a way out of monogamy, claims to ownership in relationships, finality and obedience. Each of the women finds her own freedom and her own sexual identity.

Albertina Carri (“Los Rubios”, “La Rabia”), the internationally acclaimed Argentine director, delivers with her latest film “La Hijas del fuego” (“The Fiery Sisters”) the groundbreaking sensual, radical cinema of female lust that we have wish for a long time.

The world premiere at the BAFICI Festival in Buenos Aires became a triumph for Albertina Carri: she received the main prize for the best film. In September 2018, it will celebrate its international premiere at the renowned San Sebastian festival.

„Die feurigen Schwestern“ will be released in Germany in February 2019.

“Un viaje poliamoroso, pornográfico y antipatriarcal de Albertina Carri”

“A groundbreaking tale of female lust and passion from Argentina.”

“Excellent film! Sex-positive, sensual women from Argentina. For all lesbians and polyamorous women who no longer want to see themselves as sinners. Thank you for the beautiful cinema pictures, poetry, pornography and sensuality. Thanks to Albertina and all those who made this film. That there are a thousand times more films like this! Thank you!”
(facebook comment)

“It is liberating to watch this group that celebrates its freedom as ecstatically as if the last of all days had come.”
(Simon Hadler,

Carri celebrates the desire and desire of women – uncompromising, explicit and intoxicating
(Der Standard)

… feminist lesbian porn with all varieties that you can only imagine

The film develops in a sex-positive, clever and sensual way against the backdrop of breathtaking Argentinian landscapes.

a lot of sex positivity, polyamorous orgies and feminism.

With sadomasochistic and bondage motifs and the experimentation with hallucinogenic mushrooms that lead to a sex orgy, the film represents an adult sexuality that could overwhelm sexually inexperienced adolescents and disorient socially.


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