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Groundbreaking sensual cinema: radical feminine lust from Argentina

Three women meet by chance in the very end of the world and start a life-changing polyamorous journey that takes them back to their home cities as different persons, maybe the persons they had always wanted to be.


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duration: 97 minutes
language: german, farsi
subtitle: english, hebrew
year: 2006
book: Angelina Maccarone, Judith Kaufmann
director: Angelina Maccarone
production: MMM Film



In view of the ongoing reports of persecution and torture of lesbians and gays in Iran, FOREIGN SKIN couldn’t be more topical.

The lesbian Iranian Fariba (Jasmin Tabatabai) faces the death penalty in Tehran. She manages to flee to Germany, but her asylum application is rejected.

Political drama, moving love story and unvarnished German reality.
In FREMDE HAUT Angelina Maccarone tells with great accuracy of uprooting and the longing for identity, of impossible love in times of exile and persecution, of the indomitable will of a woman to find her place in life, to arrive – in another country, another culture, a new love.
FREMDE HAUT impresses with Jasmin Tabatabai’s great acting performance and gets under your skin with its radical intensity.


„When Jasmin Tabatabai becomes a man, she does it with the same desperate, calm seriousness as Hilary Swank, who won the Oscar for “Boys don’t cry”.”
Anke Sterneborg, Süddeutsche Zeitung

„In a terrifying way – with the current headlines of persecution, executions and torture of homosexuals in Iran – “Unfamiliar” couldn’t be more topical. However, this film is not simply a poetic indictment against Iran. He stands up for the freedom of man to move freely, to live freely.
Will O’Bryan, Metro Weekly

„A passionate statement for love and the search for a place in life. A film that is emotional without being sentimental. A… story that makes you laugh and cry.“

„excellent, convincing.“
Derek Elley, Variety

„touching and haunting“

„A cross between Boys Don’t Cry and Maria Full of Grace“
Philadelphia Weekly

„Jasmin Tabatabai grandiose… every gesture, every look, every movement as a man sits without being even a touch exaggerated… extremely worth seeing.“

„… convinces … not only through its political aspirations, but above all through its emotionality.“


The Iranian Fariba (Jasmin Tabatabai) is young, beautiful, is intelligent and faces the death penalty because her relationship with a married woman has been exposed. She made it to the Frankfurt airport camp, where her asylum application was rejected. When Siamak, an Iranian fellow inmate, learns of his brother’s murder, he takes his own life. This opens up the way out for Fariba – she takes on his identity. As a Siamak Mustafai, she receives a temporary residence permit in the Swabian town of Sielmingen.

Fariba knows Germany from art and literature – she is not prepared for the Swabian provinces. She works illegally in a sauerkraut factory, speaks like a man, acts like a man. Every wrong word, every contact is linked to the danger of exposure. And she only wants one thing: her feminine identity back. Her colleague Anne (Anneke Kim Sarnau) takes a liking to the strange stranger. Fariba cannot resist. She risks everything and happiness seems within reach.



director: Angelina Maccarone
script: Angelina Maccarone, Judith Kaufmann
camera: Judith Kaufmann, BVK
Production design: Thomas Stromberger
Assembly: Bettina Böhler, B.F.S.
Original sound: Andreas Mücke Niesytka, VDT
Mixer: Bernhard Maisch
Costume design: Regina Tiedeken, Friederike von Wedel-Parlow
Makeup image: Susana Sánchez Nunez
Oberbeleuchter: Thomas von Klier
Production Manager: Milanka Comfort
Recording manager: Thomas Král
Film management: Birgit Döhring
Production assistant: Christoph Kukula
Camera assistant: Henrik Sauer, BVK
Casting: Tina Böckenhauer
Music: Jakob Hansonis, Hartmut Ewert
Co-producer: Markus Fischer
Producer: Ulrike Zimmermann


Fariba: Jasmin Tabatabai
Siamak: Navid Akhavan
Beamter BAFL: Bernd Tauber
Interpreter: Majid Farahat
Burkhardt: Georg Friedrich
Alev: Atischeh Hannah Braun
Cem: Mikail Dersim Sefer
Velma: Haranet Minlik
Voice Shirin: Homa Tehrani
official BGS: Frank Frede
official BGS: Barbara Falter
Miss Gabriel: Ruth Wohlschlegel
Maxim: Jevgenij Sitochin
Dmitri: Dmitri Dihovichnij
Pastor: Dominik Glaubitz
Arton: Blerim Bala
Andi: Jens Münchow
Anne: Anneke Kim Sarnau
Waltraut: Monika Hansen
Hermann: Jürgen Mielke
Sabine: Nina Vorbrodt
Uwe: Hinnerk Schönemann
Man from the employment office: Michael Heinsohn
Lächle: Simon Schwarz
Melvin: Leon Philipp Hofmann
Civil investigators: Andreas Schlager
Lu: Annette von Klier
Official in charge: Barbara Zechel
Nadja: Eva Sauter
colleague Avis: Lucia Schlör
customer Avis: Petra Dienst
customer Avis: Harald Heinz
police officer: Manja Doering
police officer: Peter Obermann

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