The Problem is my Wife

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Best Argentine film Pornfilmfestival Berlin ASA BAFICI

Groundbreaking sensual cinema: radical feminine lust from Argentina

Three women meet by chance in the very end of the world and start a life-changing polyamorous journey that takes them back to their home cities as different persons, maybe the persons they had always wanted to be.




The Problem is my Wife

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5,55 €

duration: 52 minutes
language: german
subtitle: english
year: 2003
director: Calle Overweg
production: MMM Film



Best German Documentary 3SatPrize 2003

In collaboration with “Men against Men-Violence®”, Calle Overweg gets to the bottom of domestic violence against women.

In a laboratory situation with real violence counselors and (real) actors, Calle Overweg shows perpetrators of domestic violence trying to break out of the spiral of violence.

The cases shown in this film are fictitious after long research. Domestic violence experts have also ensured that the men portrayed are real. Similarities with living persons are intended.

What is surprising about the process of the film is the authenticity with which the actors arrive at this topic through improvisation. Your own relationship experience seems to be enough to slip into the role of the violent offender. Domestic violent criminals correspond to “normal men” in real life.

With his documentary staging of therapy sessions, the director Calle Overweg finds out in a fascinating way the social and psychological backgrounds of male attacks.

Arnold Dammann – Friedrich Mohnheim
Hermann Killmeyer – Walter Pressinger
Michael Baral – Markus Schmidt
Frank Meyer-Brockmann – Andy Wessinghage
Burkhard Oelemann and Joachim Lempert from “Männer gegen Männergewalt”

concept, director, cut – Calle Overweg
concept-cooperation – Reinhild Blaschke
expert advice – Burkhard Oelemann

producer – Ulrike Zimmerman

camera – Vladimir Maijdancic
sound – Marc von Stürler
equipment – Bernard Homann

Assistant director – Alexander Bolz
Production assistant – Maite Wokoeck
Production press – Kai Reichel
Legal advice – Zimmermann, Scholz & Partner

Cutting advice – Bettina Böhler
Editing – Nathalie Barrey

Music – Stefan Lienenkämper
mixing – Sascha Heiny

When violence in a relationship is perpetrated by men, men must change. Joachim Lempert and Burkhard Oelemann, professional consultants, have dealt with this taboo subject from a male perspective, dispel prejudices, analyze the background to male violence and show ways out of the cycle of violence.
Europäische Täterhotline

„A violent man does not seek advice as long as he is beating, even if he keeps getting violent for years, but as long as the relationship continues, as long as his violence continues, he will not think of seeking advice.“

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