Vulva 3.0

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Between Taboo and Tuning


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Between Taboo and Tuning

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duration: 79 Minutes
language: german
subtitle: english, hebrew
year: 2014
book: Ulrike Zimmermann
director: Claudia Richarz and Ulrike Zimmermann
production: MMM Film



Angelika Beck, Hattersheim,Studienleiterin, Oberstudienrätin.
Jawahir Cumar, Düsseldorf Dolmetscherin. Founder of Stop Mutilation e.V.
Claudia Gehrke, Tübingen Verlegerin and Publizistin, Konkursbuch Verlag.
Ulrich Grolla, Dortmund Fotodesigner und Buchautor.
Dr. med. Marion Hulverscheidt, KasselMedizinwissenschaftlerin, Ärztin, our Medical history consultant.
Bella Joy, Magdeburg, Eroticmodell.
Dr. med. Dominik von Lukowicz, München, Specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery.
Dr. Laura Méritt, Berlin, Communication scientist and sex educator.
Dr. med. Marwan Nuwayhid, Leipzig Specialist in gynecology, medical director of the Lanuwa Aesthetic Clinic.
Dr. Mithu Melanie Sanyal, Düsseldorf, Cultural scientist, journalist and author.
Dr. med. Uta Schlossberger, Köln, Specialist in skin and venereal diseases.
Wilfried Schneider, Bonn. Graduated pedagogue and public relations officer at the Federal Testing Office for Media Harmful to Young People.
Helga Seyler, Hamburg, Gynecologist in the family planning center Hamburg.
Daniela Stegemann, Berlin, Sex educator .
Dr. med. Christoph Zerm, Herdecke, Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology .

„Showing the vulva drives away bears and lions, makes wheat grow taller, calms storm surges, and demons are afraid of it. The devil is running away. Showing the vulva saves the world.”
(Dr. Mithu Melanie Sanyal)

From circumcision to intimate surgery, from the fertility goddess Baubo to the protection (labia) coat Madonna, VULVA 3.0 – BETWEEN TABOO AND TUNING paints a multifaceted picture of the vulva and its representations. A passionate, entertaining and instructive plea for a blunt, relaxed and self-confident approach to the vulva and female sexuality.

Cosmetic surgery has a new area of ​​responsibility: the (path) optimization of the vulva – the external female genitalia. Based on this development, VULVA 3.0 – BETWEEN TABOO AND TUNING offers an entertaining, surprising and, last but not least, enlightening look at female intimate regions. It’s about perception and representation, about visibility and hiding, about voluntary modeling and ritual mutilation, about anatomical errors and historical perspectives, about censorship and celebration of the vulva and thus female sexuality.

The activist against female genital mutilation Jawahir Cumar, the well-known publicist Dr. Mithu Melanie Sanyal, the medical historian Dr. Marion Hulverscheidt, the publicist of the erotic annual volumes “My secret eye” Claudia Gehrke, the inventor of the “MS 5/2 model of the female sexual organs for the classroom” Angelika Beck, the operator of the “Sexclusivitäten Salon” and editor of “Frauenkörper Neusehen” Dr. Laura Méritt and several co-founders of the Society for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Intimate Surgery GAERID e.V.

PRESS REVIEWS on Vulva 3.0

… the documentary marks a further step towards sexual independence.
(Till Kadritzke,

There are subliminal motives and unconscious ways of acting that Zimmermann and Richarz very cleverly bring to the public with their entertaining and shocking documentary …
(Ruth Schneeberger,

Rather coincidentally, because I had mixed up the cinema, I ended up in “Vulva 3.0” by Ulrike Zimmermann and Claudia Richarz. A nice educational film, etc. about designer messes. Somewhat irritating on the big screen. Before, they usually looked much nicer than afterwards.
(Dietrich Kuhlbrodt,

A “möseal” vivid and educational piece of film …
(berliner filmfestivals, Tipp der Redaktion)

… full of wonderful people who all deal with the vulva in their own way and give praise to it.
(Maike Hank,

Amusing and horrifying by turns, but consistently fascinating.
(Leslie Felperin, Hollywoodreporter)

An enthralling documentary.
(Lisa Paul Streitfeld, Huffingtonpost,)

Totally American, but it’s beautiful now. ” Already in this first scene of “Vulva 3.0 ′ ′ one becomes aware of the whole madness of the female self-optimization machine imposed mainly through advertising.
(Annette Walter, Missy Magazine 2014)

Claudia Richarz and Ulrike Zimmermann have brought wonderful women together in front of the camera, who explain in a charming self-confidence why we don’t seem to see the vulva because of the sheer nakedness


MMM Film

MMM Film

MMM Film
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